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François Huet, gérant TechniSourcing

TechniSourcing: secure sub-contracting

TechniSourcing was founded in 2008 by François HUET, he spent 12 years in general management of affiliates within the Michelin Group, and 11 years management within a French affiliate of the Dutch group ‘Ammeraal Beltech’. He manages both our French team, and local relays abroad.

TechniSourcing boasts of a perfectly symmetrical structure shared between France and our supplier countries. It is unique in the French market and avoids usual risks associated with free-lance sourcing, this guarantees quality.

TechniSourcing in France :

  • One of our project managers will take care of your file from start to finish. They are able to follow the project, even in routine production.

TechniSourcing in the source country: an experienced local manager:

  • Each local branch is run by a TechniSourcing representative who has both technical and project management skills,
  • Our TechniSourcing representative understands and knows how to motivate our partner factories,
  • He updates our local project managers,
  • He organises our TÜV or Veritas certified inspectors
  • He is systematically in contact with the directors of the factories, to guarantee their word and loyalty.


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