Our sourcing vision

TechniSourcing, sous traitance industrielle low cost en Europe de l'Est

A secure, economical and easy sourcing policy

15 years of industrial sub-contracting at your service

TechniSourcing is specialised in secure sourcing (industrial sub-contracting), economical and easy. TechniSourcing provides you with, 15 years of experience in industrial sourcing.

TechniSourcing will reconstruct your margins quickly and securely.

  • From the small and simple to the extremely complex components, we reduce your costs, whilst improving the quality.
  • Based on your requirements, we can either import for you, or select and connect you with a future long-term partner.

  • Our team of French engineers and our rigorous 6-step sourcing strategy will help you in avoiding all of the potential downfalls sometimes linked to low-cost sourcing.
  • With TechniSourcing you are assured a global expertise in low-cost sub-contracting, especially in Eastern European countries.

  • Thanks to our global industrial culture, we will always be able to adapt ourselves to your varying specific requirements, in complete confidentiality.

  • We can quickly determine whether a low-cost approach is useful for your company or not, and if yes, what profit margins you could expect to make from this type of sourcing.


Created Thursday 21 March 2013
Le sourcing, ou comment sourcer des partenaires compétents grâce à TechniSourcingUnderstanding the sourcing and industrial sub-contracting

Understanding industrial sourcing Industrial employment in Germany and the North of Europe has been maintained at an excellent level since the 80’s, and for the most part, German industrial...