TechniSourcing guarantees your margins and secures your results

TechniSourcing, sous traitance industrielle low cost en Europe de l'Est

What sort of sub-contracting contract does TechniSourcing propose?

Our sourcing contract consists of finding, evaluating, launching of operation and controlling new sub-contractors.

TechniSourcing makes sourcing a secure activity for its clients on a daily basis. The legal and technical security of your project is guaranteed by:

  • A rigorous and permanent selection of the partner factories
  • Exceptional quality control criteria by Eastern European standards

A 10 to 40% higher margin

Based on the amount of manpower needed for your project, and thanks to the proximity of our partner factories, savings on the total acquisition cost can be within the realm of 10 to 40% on average.

Maintain domestic oversight of strategic activities.

We can assure your margins and economies of scale on the rest.

So why do France’s leading industrial firms have confidence in us?

For the following 5 reasons:

  1. Rigorously selected factories,
  2. TechniSourcing’s unchanging methodological approach,
  3. Real-time communication,
  4. Inspectors (Certified TÜV or Apave) working daily for you,
  5. Quality reports, photos, progress updates.

As for our rigor:

Based on a study of 132 deliveries, we had only 2 non-conformities.

We took full responsibility, without any impact on the client.

On time delivery:

As of the latest exercise, our rate of on time delivery was 96%, this includes all types of orders and products.


Progress report example Exemple de rapport d'avancement