Subcontracting foundry and machining in Eastern Europe

Subcontracting high quality foundry in Eastern Europe. TechniSourcing relies on a network of high-performance and standardised steel and aluminium foundries guaranteeing high quality at low costs. Turning, milling and all other high quality machining operations are also carried out on site.

14 specialized factories, at your disposal

We select our plants according to 3 main criteria:

  • Technologies implemented
  • ISO 9001 certification truly operational
  • Important part of the customers located in Western Europe

TechniSourcing, multi-specialist in foundry

TechniSourcing's foundry partners include most of the technologies available on the market:

  • Aluminium and Zamak gravity casting - 300kg/month min. Our customers: LINDE, JCB, JOHN DEERE, CLASS.

  • Sand casting. Individual parts up to 20T.

  • Shell foundry. Profitable from a few thousand parts, from 0 to 300kg.

  • Die casting. High precision, perfect finish, small and large series, up to about 50kg.

  • Light and heavy stainless steel casting.

  • Special technologies: Pressure injection, centrifugation, continuous casting...

  • Mini 100 pieces

  • Post-cast machining: our plants have large digital machining equipment.

TechniSourcing, complete machining partner

Equipped with the best equipment, German, Japanese, or Swiss, we choose with you the factory adapted to your company:

  • Machining steel, aluminium, plastic
  • Milling steel, aluminium, plastic
  • Turning from 3 to 10 axis machining centres
  • Medium series machining from 50 to 500 parts
  • Large series machining

Lead times

Eastern Europe machining: France + 7 days delivery time


Usinage de précision - Aéronautique 2Usinage de précision - Aéronautique 2
Usinage de précision - AéronautiqueUsinage de précision - Aéronautique
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Fonderie gravitaire ZamakFonderie gravitaire Zamak
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