The characteristics of the source countries

Romanian and Bulgarian subcontracting controlled by TechniSourcing

Having clients from a variety of different sectors, it is important to base our analysis criteria on the ISO 9001 standard to meet the critical objectives of each client.

However, there is also a much less complex indicator of quality. For example, the many deliveries reserved for prestigious German companies, the country with the most stringent attention to standards.

The characteristics of the Romanian Industry

  • Large-scale Mechanical welding, foundry and machining capabilities of sizable dimensions
  • A very competent workforce that we know how to motivate 
  • Great communication (good knowledge of European languages)

The characteristics of the Bulgarian Industry                     

  • Dynamically strong and energetic
  • Mutually respected requirements
  • Targets are respected
  • Mechanical welding, foundry, machining, stainless steel: precision and superb finishings
  • Incomprehensible language

The Serbian Industry - TechniSourcings requirements

Serbia is largely influenced by Germany and still relatively unknown in the Industrial sector. The country is opening its doors, after many difficult years of war. The manufacturing parks work in various specialities. We collaborate with our Serbian partners when they have the required technology suitable for the project. TechniSourcing applies the same methods of selection and quality control as in its other partner countries.

Created Wednesday 10 April 2013