How am I legally protected?

If you place an order with TechniSourcing, you are completely protected. In fact, we are a company that operates under French law, based in France. We encourage and supervise the direct technical relationship between your technicians and those of the fabricator. However, we take charge of the entirety of the commercial, financial and legal responsibilities. 

Therefore, the process will be same as if you were sourcing directly from France.

Example :

  1. A new client X contacts us to place an order of 93500€ worth of stainless steel, to be developed for the Food Industry.
  2. Confidentiality clause: TechniSourcing from the start signs a confidentiality agreement provided by the client.
  3. No obligations without guarantee: Excluding the cost of the prototype, the client will have no obligations. The manufacturing process, the quality control and the cost are not validated by their team.
  4. Advance payment guarantee: From the moment of the order, for large projects, the client can be covered by a refundable deposit scheme. This can be released once the client is in possession of a delivered value equalling the value of the client account.
  5. Incoterms 2010: We deliver the order based on the Incoterm of your choice. See the details below*
  6. Late delivery penalty clause: Usually 1 out of 4 times, the client asks us to trigger the penalty clause. We will pass on the costs to the manufacturer. However, if the client asks us to trigger the penalty clause, we will apply the same penalties onto the payment terms.
  7. RC insurance: TechniSourcing is covered by a replacement cost (RC) Allianz insurance up to the sum of 3,5M€.
  8. Transport insurance: All our products are insured against, theft, loss and damages.
  9. Guarantee: As it stands, the guarantee is contractual and is based on French law. The guarantee was only triggered 2 times out of 127.

Created Friday 01 March 2013