Client reviews on industrial sourcing

Through the stories, situations and events told by our clients coming from various domains of activity we have proved our expertise. We share these reviews to provide you with clarity and answers to your questions.

Stainless steel: O'tub TechniSourcing qualified

We chose TechniSourcing for the sub-contracting of the production of a stainless steel tank measuring 22m3 with the necessity of delivery in early July. The monitoring of the production, the planning, the verification of the drawings and the modifications were done rapidly. The result; an exemplary quality of fabrication, the equipment (agitation, thermal insulation, re-heating) and the...

Nuclear Industry: TechniSourcing gets AREVA’s validation

We had contacted TechniSourcing in order to intrust them a sub-contracting project, a project spanning over multiple years. It consisted of supports for anti-seismic cable routing for the nuclear industry, galvanised mechanically welded parts. The parts were not too complicated; however, the client was very stringent, scrutinising any deviation from process, the finish, the quality control and...

TechniSourcing qualified by AirbusTechniSourcing qualified by Airbus

TechniSourcing has recently been qualified by Airbus for its tooling used in the fabrication of composite parts.

This qualification can be attributed to:

  • a very strict selection of the appropriate factory
  • a very strong emphasis on industrialisation and quality control procedures, notably the use of 3 dimensional drawings.
  • the capacity to produce a professional construction file
  • all accompanied by rigorous and transparent project monitoring for our client