Nuclear Industry: TechniSourcing gets AREVA’s validation

We had contacted TechniSourcing  in order to intrust them a sub-contracting project, a project spanning over multiple years. It consisted of supports for anti-seismic cable routing for the nuclear industry, galvanised mechanically welded parts. The parts were not too complicated; however, the client was very stringent, scrutinising any deviation from process, the finish, the quality control and the corresponding documentations. 

We were impressed by the reactivity and the attentiveness of our intermediary from TechniSourcing. They replied to our questions immediately each time it was possible. When this was not possible, due to technical reasons, a response date was given and was almost always abided by.

TechniSourcing also demonstrated a great capacity to persuade their Romanian partner factory to manage and put in place a relatively weighty reporting system with associated documentation to follow the production. On the technical level, the factory selected and guided by TechniSourcing upgraded rapidly. Welding, finishing work, galvanisation and packaging was of very good quality. The inspection visits of the local TechniSourcing supervisor (French) are regular, followed by precise reports and photos until Day +1.

The technical contact is made directly with him. Areva (SGN + SET), our consultant and final client were reluctant about subcontracting in Eastern Europe but today they are completely confident.

TechniSourcing is recommended by us and is one of our regular partners.


Created Tuesday 02 April 2013