An example of a subcontracting : TechniSourcing is adaptable

An example of a subcontracting : TechniSourcing is adaptable

Day -60: the problem

Our client a world leader in their field, was constrained to take on a job with an insufficient gross margin. After discussions between our commercial teams the client wanted to improve his margin on the job and solicited TechniSourcing to achieve this objective.

Products ordered:

  • 90 mechanically welded galvanised container racks, with the following dimensions: 2400X2000X2500. To be delivered within 6 weeks. This is a large-scale mechanical welding project, and precision is essential.

Plan A: Our partner in Romania

  • We therefore approached our Romanian partner factory, specialised in this type of product. Sequentially we made a price and terms offer compatible with the requirements of the client. We also verified the availability of our inspectors for the dates requested. Our client then confirmed their intent to order.

Day -50: an unexpected event

  • The transport costs from Romania were found to be relatively high, impacting the client’s margins. We worked to find another solution, notably to turning to our partner in Portugal.

Day -48: plan B our partner in Portugal

  • Working under pressure TechniSourcing calmly set about finding a solution in Portugal. Based on the client’s technical requirements TechniSourcing was able to get a technically viable and financially competitive offer from a Portuguese partner. The supply of the material was quickly back on track.

Day -30: validation

  • A prototype was validated on site by the client, as well as the welding jig, which guarantees the quality and productivity. Then the production starts. The client is informed of the daily volumes of production.

Day -2: Delivery

  • Everything is delivered. In advance of schedule. The client additionally benefitted from spring axis handling rollers (can be dismantled within seconds instead of 2 minutes) provided by TechniSourcing.



Created Wednesday 03 April 2013