Subcontracting foundry and machining in Eastern Europe

Subcontracting in high quality foundries in Eastern Europe. TechniSourcing relies on a network of steel and aluminium (Alu casted products) foundries capable of performing well in terms of quality and at a low cost.  The main turning, milling and all other machining operations are carried out on their sites at a high standard.

14 factories specialised in this profession, at your service

We select our factories based on the three following criteria:

  • The available technology
  • ISO 9001 certification rigorously implemented in day to day operation
  • Whether there are already clients from Western Europe

TechniSourcing, foundry specialist

TechniSourcings foundry partners collectively have at their disposal most of the technology available on the market:

  • Aluminium and Zamak gravity foundry (Alu casted products) – 300 kg/month minimum. Our clients: LINDE, JCB, JOHN DEERE, CLASS.
  • Sand molding/casting. Units of up to 20T.
  • Shell casting foundry, worthwile starting from orders of several thousand parts, from 0 to 300kg.
  • Die casting - high quality, perfect finish, small and large volumes, up to approximately 50kg.
  • Stainless steel foundry small and large-scale.
  • Particular technologies: high-pressure injection, centrifugal casting, continuous casting…
  • Minimum 100 parts
  • Post casted machining: our factories are equipped with large-scale numerical machining equipment.

TechniSourcing, a comprehensive partner for machining

Facilitated with outstanding equipment (German, Japanese or Swiss), we decide with you the most suitable factory for your company:

  • Steel machining, aluminium, plastic
  • Steel milling, aluminium, plastic
  • Turning with 3 and 4 axis machining centres
  • Medium volume machining, from 50 to 500 parts
  • Large volume machining

Lead times

Machining in Eastern Europe: Usual French delivery time + 7 days