High precision large-scale mechanical welding, frames and chassis

TechniSourcing, specialists in large-scale high precision mechanical welding

Specialist factories, highly accurate heavy equipment, experienced supervisors

In a few years, TechniSourcing representatives in our source countries have established a high-quality network of partners. The network is spread over 3 different countries, all partners have very competitive prices.

  • A high level of operator competency
  • Equipment of better quality than what is found in France
  • Rigorous working methodology
  • Standards and codes being adopted (EN1090 exc3, exc4, …)
  • A proven quality control system capable of producing a constructor file in almost real-time
  • Competitive prices
  • Our inspectors are always welcome
  • TechniSourcing generates a large proportion of the sales in these factories

To discover more about our different professions, please consult our dedicated site:  TechniSourcing mécano soudure.

We can respond to almost all enquiries coming from the following professions:

  • Post-machined large volume mechanical welding: Mechanically welded post-machined chassis, machine frames, heavy tool carrying structures, highly accurate large-scale applications.
  • Light, small or medium volume mechanical welding…
  • Industrial metal sheet works

How are the factories equipped?

  • Plasma and laser cutter TRUMPF, MAZAK, FINN POWER, AMADA, large dimensions up to 300mm thickness.
  • Bending/folding machine AMADA, TRUMPF for large dimensions. Small radius folding for high thicknesses.
  • TRUMPF, AMADA punching machines.

Based on the plan and the necessary process leading to the fulfilling of your requirements, we propose that you visit one or two of our partner factories, to help you decide which one fits best for you.

What are the methods of production?

Based on German principles many of our partner factories are growing in stature: no room for improvisation, everything is organised.

This organisation starts with an ISO 9001 certification, rigorously put into place throughout day to day operations. They are aware of the usual blocking points linked with project control. Additionally, if required TechniSourcing can adapt their control process based on your wishes, for example, the addition of inspections from external certified inspectors (Tüv or Apave).

Construction certifications and standards

Our partners are certified and are well versed in the following construction codes:

  • EN 287-1 and EN-ISO 9606-1: European welding certifications
  • ACQPA: Certification and Qualification of Anticorrosive Paint
  • FROSIO: Surface Treatment Training Course

What are the hourly rates?

The low employee salary costs, low company expenses and an offensive taxation on companies in some of these countries make for high quality at a low cost.

Aeronautical maintenance frame assembledAeronautical maintenance frame assembled
Machining of machine frameMachining of machine frame
Weld done with robotWeld done with robot
Welding robotWelding robot
Machine frame 3Machine frame 3
Machine frame 2Machine frame 2
Machine frame 1Machine frame 1
Special machine frame 4 T Precision H8Special machine frame 4 T Precision H8
11T precision machined mill frame 11T precision H811T precision machined mill frame 11T precision H8
5T Valve Body5T Valve Body
Cradle for aeronauticsCradle for aeronautics
Aeronautical maintenance frameAeronautical maintenance frame
Progress report example Exemple de rapport d'avancement